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First Year Creative Project

This year’s First Year Theme is “Narratives and Identities.”


Almost every time we speak, write or create, we engage in story telling. This is not surprising. For us narrative and identity seem intricately linked. We rely on stories to understand the world and our place within it. We tell stories to articulate our beliefs, to explain our fears, to defend our decisions and to express ourselves creatively. We also learn about others by listening to their stories. The first-year theme for the Class of 2018, “Narratives and Identities,” prompts entering students to reflect on the role that storytelling plays in human life. Specifically, it asks:

  1. To what extent are our identities determined by the narratives we tell about ourselves? To what extent are our own narratives within our control? Can we change our identity by changing the stories we tell about ourselves and those that others tell about us?
  2. How can listening to the narratives of others help us to better understand the experiences of others? How do our own beliefs, values and assumptions affect how we hear these narratives?
  3. Is it possible to change the world through narratives? How do narratives succeed or fail to empower us to take action?
Posted Date: 
July 18, 2014