Our Values

Live and learn, talk and eat, argue and debate together

Denison is among the few fully residential campuses in the country where students from vastly different backgrounds live and learn, talk and eat, argue and debate together. We interact and get to know each other and learn from our differences. Through four years of continual interactions, Denisonians internalize the value of diversity and when we graduate, we take our place in society as people who have received a rare gift — the opportunity to engage deeply with a complex community and to develop the ability to work in diverse teams, live in diverse communities, and connect diverse ideas. This prepares students for successful lives.

We are not perfect at this. We claim diversity as a core value at Denison, yet we recognize the paradox of holding this value central to our ethos while we are still doing the work of embracing the fullness and complexity of a diverse, inclusive and equitable campus. We recognize that, while diversity of socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political bent, abilities and gender identities can be achieved, and truly meaningful diversity encompasses inclusion and equity. As society evolves, we maintain our vigilance and adherence to these core values.

Denison is committed to inclusion and equity. Our goal is for every member of community, students, faculty and staff, regardless of difference or background, to feel included in our campus society and to have equitable opportunities. Denison is developing and implementing strategies for faculty and staff, as well as students, to educate them and equip them to help all Denisonians to achieve their full potential.

In our role as educators of thoughtful, knowledgeable and discerning future leaders and members of society, Denison is leading the way in promoting, expanding and educating about the value of diversity.

At Denison, diversity of background and experience is shared first-hand.

For upcoming public events that feature a diversity component, please visit the Events Calendar.

For an overview of how Denison assumes an active role in helping students find ways to connect, please visit the Multicultural & International Students section.