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Student Conduct Board


The Student Conduct Board (SCB) and Academic Integrity Board (AIB) are vital to the life and maintenance of our community. They have an important voice and help the university community maintain the expectations that reflect our institutional mission and the values articulated by our Campus Compact. Participation can provide a strong leadership experience and an opportunity to contribute to Denison in a unique and positive way.

Both the SCB and the AIB are comprised of students, faculty, and staff members from the Denison community. When called upon, their responsibility is to resolve alleged infractions of our Student Code of Conduct, both academic and non-academic. The task of board members is to investigate matters in a formal setting and determine if known facts rise to a level that violates university expectations or rules.  Where this is the case, the SCB and the AIB are also responsible for determining appropriate university sanctions that hold students appropriately accountable and educate them about their responsibilities as Denison students, and restore the community and those affected by inappropriate conduct.

Service in these positions requires a variety of critical skills, including, but not limited to: effective listening, strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, developed verbal communication, the ability to manage time and tasks, and a genuine willingness to serve the Denison community as a positive role model, both in and out of the conduct hearing setting.  Denison University is proud to have a diverse student body and strives to have both the SCB and AIB reflect this diversity as well. Students of all backgrounds and interests are encouraged to apply.

To be considered, applicants to the SCB must:

  • Be in good academic and social standing with the university, with a minimum GPA of at least 2.25, and maintain that good standing through the period of membership;
  • Have no outstanding and/or active sanctions—either academic or non-academic—in his or her conduct record at the time of active membership, and no conduct history that includes a sanction greater than Warning Probation; and,
  • Be able to make a service commitment for the full academic year (preferable).

To be considered, applicants to the AIB must:

  • Be in good academic and social standing with the university;
  • Have no history of Type II or Type III academic integrity violations; and,
  • Have no history of Warning Probation or Disciplinary Probation under the general student code of conduct.


⇒ For more information on on applying, please visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » Provost » Academic Integrity

Responses to the questions should be typed in a separate document and submitted with the application form.  Applications will be reviewed by the Office of Student Conduct & Campus Values and the Office of the Provost following procedures outlined in their respective codes of conduct.  Invitations to interview will be extended by each office.  References may be contacted at a time later in the process.

Completed application packets should be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct & Campus Values, located in the Doane Administration Building, Office of Student Development. Any questions about the selection process can be directed to Greg Phlegar.