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Venue Information


Seating at Commencement in the Mitchell Center track is available on a first-come, first-served basis. No tickets are required. There is no limit on the number of guests you may bring.

Special-Needs Seating: Special seating areas will be set aside to accommodate your special-needs or hearing-impaired guest and a companion. Seating in these areas is general and unreserved. Ushers will help guide individuals to the designated area, and they will be available to assist attendees in any emergency.

Commencement Programs

Ushers will distribute programs in the Mitchell Center starting at 11 a.m. Saturday morning. If you need more than five programs for your party, please tell an usher. We will do our best to accommodate you once everyone has received at least one program. You are encouraged to recycle extra programs after commencement in one of the marked receptacles that will be located around the Commencement area.

As we strive to be an exemplary steward of our natural world and a leader in sustainability, we offer graduates and family members a paperless PDF version the Commencement program that can be downloaded on your mobile device or computer.

Still Photography

To avoid blocking the view of other guests or obstructing the line of graduates, we ask that parents and family wanting to take close-up photographs with their own cameras use the designated area near the platform. This area will be staffed by university personnel, and we ask that family members cooperate with our staff in the photo area. You will be able to order professional still photos featuring your graduate’s diploma presentation and posed shots during the ceremony. Ordering details about the still photos will be e-mailed to graduates’ Denison e-mail addresses by Graduation Foto. For more information, call 1-800-482-0321, or visit the Web site at: www.graduationfoto.com.  

Graduates may pre-register at: www.graduationfoto.com/pre-registration