Graduate & Professional School

Pre-Professional Advising

Denison's commitment to the liberal arts, the strength of our pre-professional advising, and the success of our graduates have made Denison well-known by professional schools ranging from medicine and business to law and engineering.

Whether you earn a bachelor's degree at Denison and then go on to a professional school or combine three years of study here with time at another university, a Denison education will contribute significantly to the attainment of your professional goals. Please note that Denison financial aid can be applied only during the student's time at Denison. Interested students should discuss other financial aid opportunities with partnering institutions.

See CE&D's Graduate & Professional School Guide

The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, along with Denison Faculty, provides a strong and knowledgeable advising system. Denison has earned the respect of deans of professional and graduate schools who have come to recognize the value of the liberal arts education received at Denison.