What's Next?

Your college home on "The Hill"

Welcome! You’ve been admitted to Denison, and we couldn’t be happier that you’re considering making your college home here on “The Hill.” These next four years will be some of the most extraordinary and transformational years of your life.

Here are some steps to take to make your commitment to Denison final:

  1. Check your email and social media regularly: Join your class’s Facebook group and follow us on Instagram (@DenisonU) and Twitter (@DenisonU). Be sure to share your excitement online.
  2. Visit Denison: Attend one of our spring admitted student programs by registering through your Denison applicant portal at connect.denison.edu. We hope you will come see Denison’s campus again or for the very first time.
  3. Enroll: Submit your enrollment deposit through your Denison applicant portal at connect.denison.edu. You must complete this step by May 1.
  4. Watch for your Denison notebook with more information coming your way after you enroll. This information will include forms to help you make a smooth transition to Denison (e.g., class registration details, housing forms, and orientation information). Keep the form deadlines in mind.
  5. Set up your Denison account: The First-Year Program Office will send you your new Denison ID number and email address for you to use in setting up your Denison account.
  6. Submit your final transcript: Please send your final high school transcript to the Office of Admission. This is required for you to receive any financial aid or to attend classes at Denison.
  7. Attend June-O: If you’re able to attend, June Orientation will give you a chance to meet with a faculty advisor, schedule classes, complete paperwork, take language placement tests, and meet your new classmates.
  8. Attend Aug-O: August Orientation is the mandatory orientation for all first-year students. It takes place just before classes begin in August, and just after other optional orientations. The Induction Ceremony is the start of your Denison career, and parents and families are encouraged to attend.
  9. Check out the First-Year Program: We created the First-Year Program especially for you—an entire year’s worth of information, advice, and experiences designed to help you transition into your college career smoothly and set you on your personal path to success.

Become a part of Denison, and let Denison become a part of you.