There Is No “Typical” Denison Student

Diversity at Denison

Where did you come from? What do you like? What's the one thing you wish you could tell the whole world? At Denison, we celebrate your perspective on life — it’s something you have that no one else does.

They’re not all crunchy or preppy or edgy or geeky or Greeky or jocks—they’re not all anything, except that they’re all individuals, and they’re all learning from each other. They have some things in common, and they have a lot that’s unique to their own life experiences. Sometimes they overlap; other times they blaze their own trails. It’s a community of difference — and that makes all the difference.

Fostering a diverse community is central to Denison’s mission as a liberal arts college. Engagement with — and challenge from — multiple, differing perspectives are incubators of critical thinking and social responsibility.

Diversity plays a particularly important role at Denison — where classes are small, where a fully residential campus places students constantly together in living as well as learning, and where a multiplicity of campus-based opportunities in student organizational life, athletics and recreation, and social service allow students to share personal growth experiences.

At Denison, diversity of background and experience is shared first-hand.

For upcoming public events that feature a diversity component, please visit the Events Calendar.

For an overview of how Denison assumes an active role in helping students find ways to connect, please visit the Multicultural & International Students section.