Honors & Awards

Eloise A. Buker Fellows

Women’s Studies

Every year, the Women’s Studies Committee names a number of rising senior and junior majors or minors as Eloise A. Buker Fellows.

Our program’s mission is to foster our students’ critical awareness of and intellectual sensitivity of the content, method, and real-life implications of Women’s Studies. Thus, this honor is awarded based on students’ demonstrated accomplishments in these areas, that is, on some combination of their academic excellence both in Women’s Studies and across their degree programs, their demonstrated leadership, and their contributions to the campus community, particularly as it relates to women’s lives.

The Women’s Studies Program expects our fellows to be involved in the activities of our program and to provide positive leadership to other students. In addition, being a fellow provides students with a number of educational opportunities. The fellows’ involvement and activism may take many different forms, such as being an active presence at our Laura C. Harris events, including talks, luncheons, and dinners; providing liaisons between the Women’s Studies Program and other organizations on campus such as the Center for Women and Gender Action, Denison Feminists, or SHARE; helping to organize our annual banquet; or serving as a student representative on the Women’s Studies Committee. They may serve as teaching or research assistants for faculty or as student office assistants (such positions are remunerated independently), or work on their own independent research projects (subject to approval by the Women’s Studies Committee). Fellows may take on other responsibilities in the program according to their interests and talents.

Fellows are usually selected in April and recognized at our annual awards banquet. (If a student feels s/he is unable to take on the responsibilities of being a fellow, s/he may decline her/his nomination.) Fellows will be asked to write a brief statement reflecting on their experience at the end of their tenure.


Past Fellows recipients