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In addition to providing opportunities for experiential learning in our curriculum, the Denison  Department of Theatre provides plentiful opportunities for our students to participate in the  creation of theatre. These co-curricular productions are regarded as student laboratory work mentored by faculty artists, with the express purpose of fostering:

  • Responsibility in creative collaboration;
  • Artistic expression, imagination and growth;
  • Facility in analytical skills and problem solving;
  • Discipline of thought and craft;
  • Facility in the various arts of theatrical production;
  • An understanding of the theatre process as an essentially communal experience.

The plays we produce are chosen for their ability to provide:

  • Variety in theatrical form, style, period, and genre;
  • Ample opportunities for our student artists;
  • Unique educational and artistic challenges;
  • Valuable educational and artistic experiences for our audiences;
  • Professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff.
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The Department of Theatre and the Available Light Theatre Company present "Dirty Math 2016: Days of Future Math."

The Department of Theatre presents "The Heidi Chronicles," on Wednesday, Oct. 1, Thursday, Oct. 2, Friday, Oct. 3, Saturday, Oct. 4, and Sunday, Oct. 5 (2 p.m. Matinee). Directed by Sara Blike '15.

The Department of Theatre presents "Little Shop of Horrors" by composer Alan Menken and writer Howard Ashman. Performances on Thursday, Nov. 13, Friday, Nov. 14; Saturday, Nov. 15; Sunday, Nov. 16 (2 p.m. matinee); Tuesday, Nov. 18; Wednesday, Nov. 19; and Thursday, Nov. 20. Directed by Cheryl McFarren.

The Department of Theatre presents "The Importance of Being Earnest," by Oscar Wilde. Performances on Friday, Feb. 27, Saturday, Feb. 28; Sunday, March 1 (2 p.m. matinee); Wednesday, March 4; Thursday, March 5; Friday, March 6; and Saturday, March 7. Directed by Mark Seamon.

Department of Theatre presents "Ensemble-Created New Work, Created with Available Light Theatre, theatre company-in-residence." Performances on Wednesday, April 22, Thursday, April 23; Friday, April 24; Saturday, April 25; and Sunday, April 26 (2 p.m. matinee).