Student Artwork

Student Artwork
Past student work at Denison.View Photos

One of the primary goals of our Studio Art Program is to encourage independent and creative thought.

In our courses, students will find ample opportunities to examine and reflect on the world around them with curiosity and a critical eye. As well as being creative, our students are hard workers and are always active in the department. You can walk through our studios late at night and find our students working on projects round the clock.

Our graduates are high achievers. We have studio graduates studying in graduate schools across the country and working as professional artists, designers, art therapists and architects. Many of our students go on to work in the realms of fashion, advertising, media and commercial art.

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  • 2035Zach Coneybeer, Grass Man, 2007
  • 2135Ali Roberts
  • 2235Student Artwork
  • 2335Vivian Qin
  • 2435Student Artwork
  • 2535Student Artwork 1
  • 2635Nathalie VanBalen,
  • 2735Student Artwork
  • 2835Lirong Zhou 2010 BFA exhibit
  • 2935Mad Mohre, Sit Back Relax
  • 3035Kelly Maryanski, large format charcoal drawing, 2008.
  • 3135Jacquelyn Fishburne, Call of the Rain, 2007
  • 3235Mad Mohre, Beatles detail
  • 3335Lily Schlosser
  • 3435Christopher Greathouse
  • 3535BFA exhibits 2010 Jacs Fishburne/Christy Chang

Past student work at Denison.

May 14, 2013