Leah Smith '02


Leah Smith, class of 2002,

Leah Smith '02is living in Pittsburgh now, working for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. She is a co-author of an article entitled "Development at the Rural-Urban Interface: Community Organization, Policy and Agricultural Change" in theJournal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development.

Leah Smith completed her MS in rural sociology from Ohio State University, before joining the PASA staff in July 2009. Leah has found an intersection to her interests in community, culture, and the environment in the fields of sustainable agriculture and local food system development. She served as a Peace Corps agriculture extension volunteer in a small village in Niger, West Africa, interned and apprenticed on organic CSA farms in Ohio and Connecticut, and worked as Program Director for the Poughkeepsie Farm Project in New York. Today, Leah enjoys managing PASA programs in Western Pennsylvania, and is inspired daily by the innovative and dedicated members in the region.

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