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Denison Summer Seminars 2017

Denison Summer Seminars 2017 include “Art and Architecture of Rome”, ”Martinique”, “Culture and Art of Sri Lanka”, “Commerce in Context” and more.

Denison Summer Seminars 2017 include “Art and Architecture of Rome,” “Martinique,” “Culture and Art of Sri Lanka,” “Commerce in Context,” “Bahamas Iguana Research Study,” and ““Exploring the World of the Early Christians.” Read more below:

Art and Architecture of Rome” May 14-May 26, 2017. This course introduces students to the archaeology, history and culture of Ancient Rome through visits to significant archeological sites, monuments and museum collections in Rome and locations throughout the bay of Naples. We will learn about the houses, villas, and shops of the cities destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius along beautiful Campanian coast. We will explore the city of Rome, where students will be able to experience the many historical layers of the city. Because we will be getting to many sites in Rome on public transportation, students will, by the end of the course, be able to navigate modern Rome on their own with confidence. Rebecca Kennedy (Classical Studies) and Max Goldman (Classical Studies) Application available on Qualtrics

Martinique” May 19-May 26, 2017. French professors Christine Armstrong and Yvonne-Marie Mokam will lead a summer program entitled “Martinique: A different France”. Denison students will live with local families and explore the island's contemporary society whose history was shaped by France's colonial policies and politics. Students will attend lectures by prominent members of the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, visit important sites, and engage in an individual research project under Denison faculty supervision. Christine Armstrong and Yvonne-Marie Mokam (French) Intermediate French required, Application available on Qualtrics

Culture and Art of Sri Lanka.” May 27-June 11, 2017. The focus of this travel seminar is the study of the culture and art of Sri Lanka via a three-week living learning experience traveling in Sri Lanka to the beautiful coastal city of Colombo and in the central tropical Hill Country. Students will be immersed in Sri Lankan cultural, historical, and religious sites, will take workshops in traditional arts of music and dance, and will complete a final performative, visual, documentary and/or written project. Sandy Mathern-Smith (Dance) and Joanna Grabski (Art History) Application available on Qualtrics

Commerce in Context.” June 4-July 18, 2017. Ten Denison students will spend six weeks in Paris taking a four credit course in International Business and participating in a simulation that will require engaging with the City of Paris. Class will be half AUP students and half Denison students to provide additional cultural immersion. Students will share apartments with AUP students throughout Paris. At the American University of Paris, taught by AUP faculty (Evelyn Odonkor and Gail Hamilton) with additional experiences provided through Denison’s OCS/International Programs Center and the Knowlton Center. Applications for class of 2019 only on Qualtrics.

Bahamas Iguana Research Study” Six Denison students will be joining 6 Earlham College students in a collaborative research trip to study iguanas in the Bahamas this May. The students will be immersed in field research and data collection and analysis for two weeks, This experience is part of a long-term research project on these iguanas that is nearing its 40th year. The program is being led by Geoff Smith from Denison and John Iverson from Earlham. May 10-26, 2017. Geoff Smith (Biology) Applications completed.

Exploring the World of the Early Christians.” This travel seminar to Greece will offer an exciting and close look at the history, politics, and social life of the Greco-Roman world in which Christianity emerged. It will paint vivid pictures of everyday life in ancient Greece, including early Christian social practices, and it will put the religions and politics of the Greco-Roman world in three dimensions, as we see the many ways ancient people engaged divine figures and navigated the social pains and possibilities of the Roman Empire. Most importantly, we will actively integrate early Christian literature, especially the letters and later traditions of Paul, in the colorful, surprising, and haunted world in which they emerged. May 21-31, 2017. Maia Kotrosits (Religion) Applications completed.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017