Woodyard Scholar Program

both individual and collaborative research

The Woodyard Scholarships support both individual and collaborative research which is congruent with the theme, “Religion and Civic Responsibility,” for ten weeks during the summer of 2013. The scholarship is for $3,700 stipend plus room. Student proposals will be evaluated by a faculty committee. The Woodyard Scholars will be housed in a University facility, from about mid-May to about the end of July, along with other students who are doing summer research.


  1. First-year students, sophomores, juniors and seniors in all disciplines (and self-designed majors) are eligible. Applicants should have significant course work in Religion or a field of inquiry which connects with it.
  2. The research must culminate in a writing project by the students, to be completed by the end of the summer. The students will be asked to present research-in-progress at mid-summer. The project will be reviewed by the faculty supervisors who will write a brief report by mid-September.
  3. No academic credit may be awarded for the project itself, though the research may count for a part of senior research or another academic project. That is you may, with permission, substitute this experience for one semester of your senior research.
  4. Recipients of another major summer scholarship are not eligible. Summer Scholars should not hold jobs during the term of their research.


⇒ For more information on deadlines and proposal process, please visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement