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Senior Research

Academic Year Research

Senior Research

There are many opportunities for Denison students to do research, enabling students to expand their training outside of the classroom. Normally, senior research requires a major thesis, report or project in the student's field of concentration and carries eight semester-hours of credit for the year.


To assist student research activities undertaken in collaboration with faculty or closely supervised by faculty.


Items Funded

The faculty committee will accept proposals for research costs directly associated with the research project and not fundable from other sources. In the past the committee has funded some or all of the costs for surveys, photocopying, demonstrably necessary automobile travel, materials and supplies, purchase of data, computer search time (only when other means of bibliographic research have been exhausted), etc. Students should not request funding for equipment already available in the department. Purchased items (equipment, books, supplies) become the property of Denison University. It is unlikely that airfare would be funded. These funds are not intended to support regular class assignments.

  • Funding will not be granted to cover typing charges, photocopying of materials held in the Denison Library, charges for manuscript duplication, or production of honors projects. Funding for posters also will not be provided.
  • Please note that the Denison class of '76 endowed a fund to cover costs of inter-library loan photocopying for senior research projects. Funding for these costs should be sought directly from the library and not included in this request.
  • Travel will not be funded without a clear justification. It must be demonstrated that the information cannot be gathered through a computer search, interlibrary loan, or some other local source.


Grant Limits

A grant may not exceed $500.00.


⇒ For more information on the application process, please visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement