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Emily Smith
Emily Smith ’15, watching a TV Land rerun

Ideas for research projects come in all shapes and forms. It could be a class, conversation, or for summer scholar Emily Smith ’15, watching a TV Land rerun.

Smith, who is researching the 1972-1983 TV series M*A*S*H, first discovered the show as a high school student. “I was channel surfing, and when I came across it, I heard my mom say, ‘Oh, I used to love this show!’ So, I patiently sat and watched a couple episodes and realized that I was fond of it as well. Now here we are,” says Smith.

However, after a couple of years, the English literature and theatre double major realized that it was more than a TV show following a team of doctors and support staff stationed in South Korea during the Korean War. It was a cultural artifact of the 20th century—an entry into the time period and the important issues at hand.

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Emily Smith ’15, watching a TV Land rerun