When Kaitlyn Grissom ’12 began her research, she didn’t realize how many titles she’d rack up by the end of the summer. Call her an architect, historian, artist, or carpenter; she used all of these skills while designing an exhibit for The Castle on the Canal, an African-American museum and community center in nearby Newark.

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Summer Scholars

There were three such events during August and September, one each for Science; Humanities and Social Science; and Creative Writing and Fine Arts. There were arrays of posters in Curtis Veggie for the first two, and a presentation hour at Mulberry House for the last, and were  are open to all students, faculty, and staff.

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Mark Magnus ’12, Eric Stachura ’12, Lin Mu ’12

In the summer of 2010, a trio of Denison students spent a month living with families in rural China. They hosted clean-water workshops, gave books about the subject to the local library, and donated special water buckets and disinfectants to the residents and schools. And in doing so they gave an entire village the means to a healthier life.