Ashbrook Scholarship Proposals

Paul R. Ashbrook Award

Paul R. Ashbrook, Denison '34, created an endowment,

“intended to foster and promote research and educational cooperation between faculty and students in exploring ways to improve the political and economic betterment of the unprivileged Licking County person.”

The Ashbrook Scholarship is a summer scholar opportunity open to any student who has engaged in community service (broadly defined, such service includes DCA involvement, work in America Reads, and Service-Learning coursework). Students who apply are encouraged to explore further the issues brought out by their previous community service experience. The scholar will be advised by a faculty member and will carry out research and engage in service with an organization that provides some kind of assistance to the community. The summer scholarship and service will culminate in a written or artistic project; a poster session presentation along with other summer scholars is required.


⇒ For more information on deadlines and the proposal process, please visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement