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A request to the Registrar for a transcript or failure to participate in room lottery is not considered withdrawal from the University.

A student who withdraws from school without official permission will receive a grade of F (failure) on his or her permanent record. Petitions for exception must document unusual circumstances, and such petitions are submitted to the Academic Standing Board.

In addition, a student who finds it necessary to leave Denison before the close of the semester must, in order to receive an honorable dismissal, report to the Dean of Students and arrange for an official withdrawal. Students withdrawing completely from school may receive grades of "W," "WP," or "WF" for all enrolled courses. Students receiving permission to withdraw from an individual course after midterm will have the course entered on the permanent record with a grade of "WF" or "WP." Students who withdraw under the condition of medical leave may petition to have the grade of "WF" or "WP" changed to "W."

The college may, whenever in its judgment such action is for the best interest either of the student or of the student body, dismiss or refuse to enroll or re-enroll any student.

Initiating a Voluntary Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the University at any time is official only upon written notice to the Dean of Students

If you would like to initiate a voluntary withdrawal from Denison for medical, personal or other reasons, you must complete an Exit Form and then contact Bill Fox

to schedule an exit interview. If you are requesting a withdrawal for medical purposes, you must also complete a Medical Leave Form form prior to your meeting. 

⇒ In addition, see Refund or Forfeiture of Tuition, Activity Fee, Student Health Fee and Room and Board