Center for Learning and Teaching

Support to help faculty explore and strengthen pedagogy

Denison places the faculty/student experience at the center of its liberal arts education. The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) has been established to support and enhance that foundational relationship. The CLT provides a variety of seminars, teaching tables, mentorship and other support to help faculty explore and strengthen pedagogy.

Specifically, the CLT provides learning and teaching seminars for new and early-career faculty on both the tenure and non-tenure tracks, and workshops that address specific curricular and scholarly initiatives and pedagogies. The CLT coordinates a structured program for one-on-one consultation and classroom teaching observation that is designed to provide informative feedback and mentoring to faculty at all tenure levels.

The primary goal of Denison’s Center for Learning and Teaching is to support and collaborate with faculty at all career stages, considering questions, ideas, activities, and research on teaching and learning. The Center provides support for faculty development and mentoring related to the practice of effective teaching.

Specific goals include:

  1. Conduct teaching and learning seminars for first-year and early-career faculty.
  2. Develop or sponsor workshops, brown-bag lunches, and other programs (e.g., “Teaching Matters!”) that address specific teaching approaches, strategies, activities, and pedagogies including digital technology.
  3. Provide a structured program for one-on-one consultations and classroom teaching observations as a way of delivering formative feedback for faculty all experience levels and mentoring for early-career faculty.
  4. Coordinate and enhance collaboration among faculty, professional staff, and administrative offices to initiate and promote a variety of faculty development programs and resources that address teaching, learning, scholarship, and mentoring.
  5. Construct an online collection of resources and scholarship about teaching and learning, including strategies, ideas, and tips on a variety of teaching activities and pedagogies.
  6. Support the development of faculty pedagogy and curricular projects focused on the intersection of innovative teaching, and scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).
  7. Develop a communication strategy for raising both internal and external awareness of teaching and learning activities at Denison.
  8. Participate and provide leadership in forging relationships and collaborations between Denison’s faculty development programs and other professional organizations that address issues in teaching, learning, and curriculum in higher education.
  9. Foster use of the Center's meeting spaces in the Library's atrium level for workshops, discussions, meetings, and programs relevant to teaching, learning, advising, mentoring, curriculum, and other higher education forums.

The Center is located on the atrium level of the Library. Frank Hassebrock is the Center's director.


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