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Prof. Paul Djupe goes on record re: Trump and evangelicals

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Research by Paul Djupe, associate professor at Denison, indicates that evangelicals are willing to set aside concerns about Donald Trump's moral character.

In a Washington Post article, associate professor Paul Djupe notes that “Even though messages from religious leaders — such as the magazine Christianity Today’s call for evangelicals to speak up about Trump’s “blatant immorality” — could weaken support for Trump, few Americans are hearing about the presidential candidates from their clergies.”

Djupe and his co-authors go on to say that “Ultimately, Trump’s support among evangelicals is certainly due in part to the power of partisanship and the Republican Party’s conservative stance on social issues. But our findings suggest that it is also due to the fact that evangelicals are hearing little about the presidential race from their local religious leaders.”

Posted Date 
Monday, November 7, 2016