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Heather Pool on classroom conversations in Inside Higher Ed

 heather pool

Heather Pool, assistant professor of political science, discusses the intersection of current events and curriculum in this Inside Higher Ed article.

How do professor set aside syllabi to address current events? Should they even do so? That is the question that Inside Higher Ed posed to panel of several professors across the country, including Denison's Heather Pool, assistant professor of political science.

Pool said, “she teaches political theory and teaches many classic philosophers. But she includes options in assignments where students can relate what they are reading of Plato or others to current events.”

The article noted: “Panelists said those who are open to these discussions need to be ready for what students may say – some of which faculty members and fellow students may find ignorant and/or offensive.

“Panelists said that having these discussions with students, even if sometimes awkward, was important not only for their students but for the discipline.”

Posted Date 
Tuesday, September 6, 2016