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Physics Fellows & Awards 2016

Awards & Honors

Every year, the Physics department presents a handful of awards to select students demonstrating superior skills in research, intelligence, passion, positive attitude and other areas.

Ben Leslie Experimentalist Fellow Recipient:

  • Patrick Becker

Denison Society of Physics Students Leadership Award Recipient:

  • Nicolas Lyman

Introductory Physics (Book) Award Recipients:

 Physics 121-122:

  • Robyn Fong
  • Rachel Hoffman
  • Chinh Kieu
  • Zachary Schmidt
  • Xingyi Shi

Physics 125-126:

  • Braddock Ogle
  • Julia Proctor
  • Nick Staniszewski
  • Madeline Van Winkle
  • Shuheng (Jonathan) Zhao

Roderick M. Grant Physics Education Award Recipient:

  • Ian Lowe

Ron Winters Graduate School Award in Physics Recipient:

  • Brant Bowers

Samuel C. Wheeler Award for Excellence in Physics Recipient:

  • Patrick Becker

2016-2017 Physics Fellows:

 Senior Fellows:

  • Trent Bonfadini
  • Jessica Hankes
  • Amanda Jack
  • Nathan Myers
  • Amanda Nelson
  • Noah Rogers

Junior Fellows:

  • Patrick Banner
  • Jane Bright
  • Wae Nakayama
Posted Date 
Saturday, April 23, 2016