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Professor publishes two articles

Barbara Fultner, professor of philosophy and women’s studies, had two articles published last September

In September 2013, Barbara Fultner, chair of the women’s studies department as well as a professor of philosophy, published her article “Gender, Discourse, and Non-Essentialism” in Dialogue, Politics and Gender, edited by Jude Browne. The aim of the book as a whole is to address controversial questions regarding dialogue such as: upon which principles the exchange of dialogue should take place, what the gender dynamics of that exchange are, and whether or not that exchange should be approached with the goal of consensus.

A second article by Fultner, “Heidegger’s Pragmatic-Existential Theory of Language: Utterance and Assertion in Being and Time” was published in The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time,’” edited by Mark Wrathall. Advertised as providing a thorough examination of Being and Time through seventeen chapters by leading Heidegger scholars, The Cambridge Companion functions as a reference source for beginning students while providing a depth of scholarship useful to experts.

Posted Date 
Thursday, August 21, 2014