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About Organizational Studies

Denison's Organizational Studies Program helps students appreciate the many applications of their liberal arts education to their post-Denison careers. Students participate in a series of core courses related to organizational behavior, a career-focused internship, and an intensive month-long series of seminars and workshops during the summer following their sophomore or junior year.

Guiding the program is the premise that organizations need persons capable of examining problems with a critical and imaginative eye and of responding in an ever-changing environment with policies, actions, and decisions derived from a broad knowledge base. A major strength of Denison's liberal arts program is that it fosters the development of this broad knowledge base, as well as critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The summer session focuses on the application of those skills in organizations. Students are introduced to the language and fundamental principles of ethical organizational behavior, leadership, group processes and decision-making, marketing, finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship, enabling them to interpret the problems faced by organizations in both the private and public sectors. In addition, students consult with local organizations and investigate various solutions to their problems. We rely heavily on exceptional Denison alumni to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences during the summer session.

By the time they have completed the program students have developed:

  • an understanding of the human condition as it is experienced in organizational life
  • an understanding of the complex nature of systems and institutions
  • the capacity for analysis that moves beyond simplistic solutions to explore the interplay of values, responsibility and the achievement of social goals.

What do our Students do After Denison?

A liberal arts education combined with the unique skills learned by OS students has enabled them to go on to challenging positions in both the public and private sectors. Program graduates are involved in careers ranging from advertising and investment banking to museum management and non-profit fundraising.