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Travel & Safety Planning

Safety Tips

Denison strongly recommends that all students avail themselves of the travel information available below. In particular, students should carefully consider the safety information included in State Department travel advisories for the country in which they are pursuing off-campus study and/or for any other country to which they are planning to travel during their time abroad.

Denison reserves the right to withdraw its approval for study on an off-campus program if a State Department travel warning or a CDC or WHO travel advisory is in place for the program location at the start of the program. Withdrawal of approval for an off-campus study program bars a student from receiving Denison credit for the program and from applying financial aid to the program costs. To make certain that a student may make an informed decision regarding participation on a program, the issue of potential loss of Denison approval for an accepted program will be brought to the student’s attention as far in advance of the program start date as is feasible.

In the case of a State Department travel warning or a CDC or WHO travel advisory arising after a program has started, Denison will work closely with the educational partner and other informed parties to determine an appropriate course of action. In the case of requiring that a student return home, Denison will pursue reasonable steps with the educational partner to mitigate the financial and academic impact of such an action.

Insurance Information

It is strongly recommend that all students participating on an international off-campus program carry international medical and evacuation insurance coverage in addition to their domestic health insurance plan.

Two widely used providers are:

It is also highly recommended that at least one parent/guardian obtain a passport so that travel will not be unduly delayed in the case of a medical or personal emergency.