Special Academic Regulations

For Off-Campus Study

Denison requires that students participate fully and responsibly in all academic aspects of the proposed off-campus study program. Failure to do so will result in a grade of “U” (Unsatisfactory) for the off-campus study placeholder course listed on the Denison academic record for the term abroad.

Students must enroll for a minimum course-load of twelve transferable U.S. semester credits for each semester of off-campus study. Whatever the final course-load, it must include all courses that are mandated by the program curriculum (e.g. language courses, area studies courses, etc.). Students are limited to one course on an S/U grade base per semester, and the arrangements for such a choice must be made through the educational partner at the time of final registration.

To receive transfer credit for an off-campus study experience, students must seek pre-approval for courses they will pursue on their off campus program by completing OCS Proposal Stage IV. The University is under no obligation to transfer coursework or apply transferred coursework toward specific degree requirements unless that coursework has been approved in advance.

In general terms, students wishing to apply a course toward a major, minor, or concentration requirements must receive approval directly from the relevant department/program. Other coursework will be assessed for its relevance to the Denison curriculum through the combined efforts of the Registrar, OCS, and, as necessary, specific departments/programs.

All courses reported on the educational partner’s transcript are posted to the Denison academic record with course titles, credits, and grades. This includes any course for which a student receives a failing grade, even though credit will not be awarded. While these grades are not factored into the Denison cumulative grade point average, it is important to note that they could be factored into a composite grade point average should a student pursue graduate or professional school after graduating from Denison.