Educational Enrichment Leave

EEL Overview

Students may apply for an Educational Enrichment Leave of Absence (EEL) to pursue experiential learning opportunities that are not credit bearing or structured educational opportunities whose coursework is not applicable to a Denison Baccalaureate degree.

Examples of structured educational opportunities whose coursework is not applicable include the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outward Bound, Semester at Sea, specialized technical or training programs, religious education, or culinary institutes. In the case of an EEL for an internship opportunity, a student may opt to pursue study at a local institution as an adjunct activity. This course-load may not exceed eight credits and must be approved in advance through the normal transfer credit evaluation process.

Students wishing to pursue an EEL are required to meet with and, ultimately, to submit a written rationale to OCS. The rationale must articulate a clear connection between the student’s Denison educational trajectory, broader educational goals, and proposed enrichment program.

During an EEL, the student retains her/his Denison enrollment deposit and information systems privileges. However, the student is considered withdrawn from Denison during her/his period of leave for the purposes of financial aid and loan deferment. EEL’s are usually for one semester, but may extend to an academic year in particular cases. See the Student Handbook for specific details regarding the processes for registration, housing, and financial aid following a leave. If a student does not enroll at Denison following the EEL, the leave reverts to a Withdrawal and the enrollment deposit is forfeited.