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A Denison education engages the world.

Off-Campus Study

Off-campus study opportunities act as a catalyst in a Denison education. They are situated learning that amplifies campus-based classroom learning by extending it into socio-cultural contexts that help foster integration of the habits of consideration, engagement, and intentionality. This, in turn, engenders the practice of informed and empathetic judgment that is the hallmark of a liberally educated person.

Off-Campus Study guides students through the process of dovetailing off-campus study with their broader education in order to realize the full potential of this opportunity. This process instills in students the need to be purposeful about their educational choices, accountable for their responsibilities and behavior, and mindful of their role as a representative of their families and communities.

Upon returning to campus, students are encouraged to take ownership for their self-transformation by reflecting on and integrating the personal and intellectual growth they experienced while pursuing off-campus study. This process helps prepare students for a life of continued learning and thoughtful engagement with the world around them.