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Dan Gibson dr. Gibson, Daniel Gibson

Dan Gibson
Director of Oak Ridge Science Semester, Professor
Faculty  |  Astronomy, Physics, Oak Ridge Science Semester
F.W. Olin Science Hall
B.S., Ph.D., University of Virginia

I really enjoy teaching and working with students at Denison. I teach introductory physics, optics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, modern physics, experimental physics, and the associated laboratories. My interests are in atomic, molecular and optical physics including measurements of fundamental properties such as absolute oscillator strengths and branching fractions, photodetachment cross sections, resonance features and bound-boundtransitions in negative ions.

My current research efforts include both laser photodetachment from negative ions in our lab in Olin Hall and inner-shell photodetachment from negative ions using the synchrotron at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley CA. Dr. Walter and I, as well as numerous Denison students, are co-investigators on multiple projects at the ALS including recent studies of H-, Se-, Li-, Pt- and C60-. This research is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Research Corporation, NASA and Denison University.

Research Keywords: 
Atomic/Molecular/Optical (AMO) Physics
Research Overview: 
Currently interested in the correlations between electron motions in atoms and negative ions. Uses lasers on campus and high-energy x-ray beams at the Advanced Light Source (Berkeley Lab) to investigate negative ion detachment processes.

Selected publications:

  • “Inner-shell Photodetachment: Shape and Feshbach Resonances of anions”R.C. Bilodeau, N. D. Gibson, C. W. Walter, A. Aguilar and N. Berrah, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 185(8-9), 219-225 (2012).
  • Experimental and theoretical study of bound and quasibound states of Ce ,” C.W. Walter, N.D. Gibson, Y.-G. Li, D.J. Matyas, R.M. Alton, S.E. Lou, R.L. Field III, D. Hanstorp, Lin Pan and D. Beck, Physical Review A, 84, 032514 (2011).
  • Inner-Shell Photodetachment from Ru_ I. Dumitriu , R. C. Bilodeau, T. W. Gorczyca, C. W. Walter, N. D. Gibson, Z. D. Pešić, D. Rolles, and N. Berrah, , Physical Review A, 82, 043434 (2010).
  • Electron affinity of indium and the fine structure of In- measured using infrared photodetachment threshold spectroscopy” C.W. Walter, N.D. Gibson, D.J. Carman, Y.-G. Li, and D.J. Matyas, Physical Review A, 82, 032507 (2010).
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Beth Jeffries Jeffries, Elizabeth A. Jeffries

Beth Jeffries
Academic Administrative Assistant
Staff  |  Astronomy, Physics, Oak Ridge Science Semester
F.W. Olin Science Hall
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