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Apply for Oak Ridge

How to Apply

  1. Choose one of the two following options:
  2. Check with the ORSS Campus Representative for the application deadlines on your campus.
  3. The ORSS Campus Representative can answer your questions about the Program and perhaps put you in touch with past participants from your campus.
  4. In order to learn more about research opportunities at ORNL, review our slide shows describing past students' research projects.
  5. Stop by the Office of Financial Aid to find out about remaining eligible for financial aid.
  6. Check with the ORSS Campus Representative and/or off-Campus Studies Office about the amount and distribution of credit for the program.
  7. Return the completed application to the ORSS Campus Representative by your campus' deadline.
  8. The Oak Ridge Science Semester office at Denison University must receive completed applications (having gone through all on-campus procedures) by March 1, 2017. Decisions will be announced in April.
  9. If you're accepted, pay the non-refundable deposit of $400 directly to the Oak Ridge Science Semester office at Denison University to secure your place in the Program.