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Lisa Torio '15 writing for The Nation


In Lisa Torio's most recent article for The Nation, she explores the conflict on Okinowa Island, where native islanders are protesting helicopter pads.

Lisa Torio '15, a philosophy and political science major, writes for The Nation. For her most recent article, she visits the Japanese island of Okinowa, a home to US military forces since the end of WWII. She explores the ongoing conflict between the native islanders and the Japanese government. The government is supporting the construction of US military helicopter bases, while the islanders are concerned about the environmental havoc that could be wreaked on the island as a consequence of the structure.

Torio notes:

“It wasn’t until 1972, twenty years after the US Occupying forces withdrew from Japan, that the islands were “reverted” back to Japanese control. Yet Okinawa still hosts 74 percent of the US military bases in Japan, despite being only 0.6 percent of its territory. Since 2015, the Japanese government has pushed the construction of another US Marine Corps base in Henoko, a coral-rich bay in northern Okinawa, despite massive demonstrations against the relocation plan that continue today.”

Posted Date 
Thursday, December 22, 2016