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Ivanna Salgado publishes op-ed with Truthout

Ivanna Salgado uses her personal experience and her summer scholar research to write powerful op-ed.

Ivanna Salgado, '18, published a piece with the nonprofit journalism organization Truthout. Salgado is in the Narrative Nonfiction Concentration at Denison and hopes to use her writing as a way to educate more people about the experiences of immigrants in the United States. Her piece She writes, “I am an American, too. I am an American immigrant activist. And I know that it is much easier for me to share my story and openly declare this because I have one privilege: my citizenship. However, as I share my story, I invite others to do the same. Now, more than ever, we must coalesce as a determined community.”

Posted Date 
Wednesday, November 16, 2016