Tom Carroll Jazz Guitar Festival

Denison’s Annual Jazz Guitar Festival is the brainchild of Tom Carroll, whose goal has been to make top performers accessible to musicians of all talents.

Faculty Spotlight
Pete Mills

Denison Jazz Instructor Pete Mills’ latest CD is out, and the world is taking notice.

How We Learn
Handmade Music gallery

Bluegrass music is more than a toe-tapping good time at Denison, it’s also one of the first—and finest—academic programs in the nation. 


More than 60 student musicians and several Music Department professors packed their bags, jumped on a plane, and walked into a whirlwind that carried them through three Chinese cities in ten days. Performing in Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing, the group introduced sounds, voices, and instruments to audiences that, in many cases, had never experienced American music.

Bluegrass Festival

Denison University’s Annual Bluegrass Festival features several renowned performers as well as workshops and rehearsal experiences to showcase the very best of bluegrass.