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Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements

Strings: one 3-octave scale, a short solo and some sight-reading.

Winds/Brass/Percussion: Two or three scales, a short solo and some sight-reading.

Voice: Vocal auditions should consist of two contrasting pieces, preferably one in a foreign language; for example, an Italian aria and a folksong or a musical theater selection in English. Choose music that best shows the quality of the voice and illustrates the current level of musicianship and ability. Singers are encouraged to bring their own accompanist; otherwise, please contact the department and one will be provided. Taped accompaniments are not acceptable.

Piano: All major and harmonic minor scales, 4 octaves, one piece from the Baroque era (JS Bach, Scarlatti , etc), one sonata movement (in sonata- allegro form), and a short sight reading example will be asked for at the audition. Optional: any other piece of the student's choice from any era.

Composition: Please submit 2-3 scores and/or recordings of your work. MIDI files are acceptable. Any student interested in music may audition for a scholarship. Our awards are not limited to music majors and minors. We typically make scholarship decisions in early March and send our first round of scholarship letters out around March 20.