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a multidisciplinary approach

The concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is designed to promote a multidisciplinary approach to social, historical, political and linguistic issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is rooted in the basic pillars of a Liberal Arts education such as understanding the person as a whole, promoting critical thinking and expanding cultural horizons. Its mission is to provide students a strong historical, social and cultural foundation for the understanding of specific components of different Latin American and Caribbean cultures. Through this approach, we want to foster a critical awareness of the heterogeneity that characterizes the region as well as a critical understanding of the complexities of its relationship with the United States.

The curriculum of the Latin American and Caribbean studies concentration expresses our commitment to developing the person as a whole. Our program accomplishes this by allowing students to explore, analyze, discuss, read and write about a variety of themes directly related to Latin America, from different theoretical frameworks. This in turn encourages students to reflect on their own cultural background.