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History Major Nina Clements `01 Publishes New Book.

Nina Clements

In her debut Set the Table, a gorgeous collection of poems that confront the frailty of life, while celebrating its beauty.

Prepare yourself for the meal of a lifetime. In her fantastic debut poetry collection, “Set the Table,” Nina Clements presents a dazzling array of poems, all of which are courses in a feast of shape, form, vulnerability, and resonance. From moments where “any gift” is “a burden in disguise” to ants gathering “square granules of salt from my hair, nourishing and sticky in the oil,” every succulent and insightful morsel of this book must not be missed.–Joey Nicoletti, author of Reverse Graffiti(2015) and Counterfeit Moon (2016)

Nina Clements attended Denison University before earning an MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She now works as a librarian in Southern California. Set the Table is her first collection.

Posted Date 
Friday, December 2, 2016