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Faculty Brian Hortz presentation at professional conference

Brian Hortz, associate professor of physical education, presented a paper on social cognitive theory.

Brian Hortz, associate professor of physical education, had a peer-reviewed abstract presentation at the 142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition in November 2014, in New Orleans. The title of his abstract is "Social Cognitive Theory Correlates of Physical Activity Among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes."

Hortz' primary research interest is in sports medicine, which began when he was an undergraduate at Denison where he graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in physical education with a concentration in sports medicine. Hortz pursued a master's degree in sports medicine from Ohio University while spending one year as the head athletic trainer at Crooksville High School. Hortz then continued his post-graduate studies at The Ohio State University where he completed his doctoral degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in health education.

Posted Date 
Monday, December 8, 2014