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Denison welcomes Dr. Stephen Armah from Ashesi University

Denison's Economics department will host Dr. Armah during the fall semester, 2016.

Dr. Stephen Armah, an assistant professor of economics at Ashesi University in Ghana, is spending his sabbatical leave at Denison as part of our effort to cultivate deep ties with that college.

Dr. Armah will arrive in August and will work on his research while in residence at Denison. He will also do guest lectures/discussions in classes, do some research presentations, and generally be a part of our community.

His primary interests are in economic development and issues related to the Ghanaian economy.

Ashesi University and Denison are both members of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance, a international partnership of American style liberal arts colleges that has 29 institutions across 16 countries.

Posted Date 
Wednesday, June 29, 2016