2014 Alumni Newsletter

As has been said in just about every previous iteration, it is hard to believe two years have passed since the last edition of the Alumni Newsletter. I guess it’s true what they say, time and tide wait for no one.

Racoon Meander

The big hydrologic news, for those of you for whom Raccoon Creek is now a distant memory, is that the meander neck at Wildwood Park in Granville is close to breaching!

Student Spotlight
Liz Bertolett, '15

I love geology because I enjoy learning about the world around me while being able to experience the things I learn first-hand.

Student Spotlight
Al Weik

Al Weik should be floating on air: this Denison senior recently won two national swimming championship events. But he’s also a person who is very grounded—in geosciences.

How We Learn
Erik Klemetti, assistant professor of geoscience

Erik Klemetti is a well-known expert on the tectonic processes that cause volcanoes, and it was his expertise in these processes, which are also linked to how earthquakes develop, that led The Daily Beast to call him for clarification of the causes of the tragic and disastrous earthquakes that recently have been experienced in Chile and other places across the world.