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San Salvador Island, Bahamas

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In a truck on San Salvador Island
Bahamas on the coast
Bahamas coral
San Salvador Island
San Salvador Island on the beach
Friday, March 11, 2011 to Saturday, March 19, 2011
San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Geosciences Spring 2011 Fieldtrip

Day 0 - Saturday, March 12
Arrive at lunchtime, get settled - get our feet wet, learn to snorkel, North Point, Cut Cay

Day 1, Sunday, March 13
Inland Lake Tour (Bahamian Field Station Trail), Snorkeling at Lindsey Reef

Day 2, Monday, March 14
Barkers Point, Cockburn Town Fossil Reef ; Snorkeling French Bay.

Day 3, Tuesday, March 15
Dixon Hill Lighthouse and Lighthouse cave, Storr's Lake; Snorkeling Lindsey Reef, Long Bay.

Day 4, Wednesday, March 16
Watling's Castle and Quarry, North Point, Grotto Beach; Snorkeling at Snapshot Reef, Fernandez Bay in afternoon.

Day 5, Thursday, March 17
Dripping Rock and Alter Cave, Sandy Point (Sea Shell City), Pigeon Creek with tide (at Ocean House), Owl's Hole and Snorkeling at Telephone Pole Reef, Fernandez Bay

Day 6, Friday, March 18
East Beach (Junk Beach), Rhizocity, Blue Hole; snorkeling at Telephone Pole Reef, Fernandez Bay

Day 7, Saturday, March 19
Travel back to Denison University.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011