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Geosciences Spring Field trip

Geosciences Spring Field trip

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Geoscience Dept. members explore Mammoth Cave

April 2 -6 Four faculty and 16 students traveled to Mammoth Cave and the surrounding area, then to Jamestown, KY for the Department’s annual Spring Field Trip. The group left Denison by vans on April 2, and returned on April 6.

Their first stop was Mammoth Cave, where they spent the day. The group took a cave tour and a surface tour, including the Cedar sink hike and historical tour. The next day, the group traveled to the Jamestown KY area, where they boarded pontoon boats, viewing turbidites, encrinites, mud mounds (Wallsortian-type Mounds), and geodes. The group had lunch on the boats and then returned to their rented cabins for dinner and discussions. They packed up and returned to Denison the following morning.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014
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