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Nino Vashakidze '13 and Ksenia Golovkina ’11 met up in the country of Georgia to do some decorating - Denison style.

When Nino Vashakidze '13 moved to the country of Georgia, she missed her college home, more than she realized. So when her friend Ksenia Golovkina ’11 visited her, Nino had an unusual request. Ksenia majored in economics with a concentration in mathematics, but apparently, she also is quite handy with a paint brush.

“I asked her to paint the entrance door of my apartment,” said Vashakidze, who majored in economics and German. “It contains the night view of DU. In the center, one can see Swasey Chapel, it is hard to imagine Denison without this building. On top of Swasey is a BIG RED buzzard that patrols the entire campus.”

“The red and white lines below the chapel are the cars that are going up and down the hill. On the door there are also several Georgian words that go along with the car lights, which say 'ყველაფერს თავისი მიზეზი აქვს…' and translated into English they roughly mean 'Everything happens for a reason.'”

The painting is a metaphor as well as a reminder. “Ksen wanted to symbolize events in life as passing cars, but Denison always stands behind our ever evolving life. The buzzard is a symbol of patience, loyalty, and constant renewal. These are the values that we live life by, and that the BIG RED buzzard had taught us in Denison.

“The more time passes the more I value this University and my entire college experience. I love being reminded on this place every day I come at home and open the door. “

Posted Date 
Wednesday, August 24, 2016