Sperry and Hutchinson Award

Awarded to deserving seniors [upon recommendation by economics faculty] who intend to pursue economics and related Ph.D. programs in graduate school. Monetary awards are made directly to the student(s).

Leland Gordon Prize in Economics

Economics Senior Honors Projects are sent to an outside reader who recommends first place, second place, third place, etc. for the best honors project. Monetary awards are presented directly to students. Dr. Gordon taught economics at Denison for 32 years, serving as chairman of the department until 1957 and as Senior Professor after 1957. Dr. Gordon officially retired from Denison in 1963 as John E. Harris Professor Emeritus. The Gordon fund was created by Dr. Gordon's students in honor of him. Since Dr. Gordon was interested in research, it was decided that the annual income earned by the fund would be used to benefit economics majors as a result of their honors projects.