Dance at Denison - Letter from the Chair

Ballet Jump
The Denison University Department of Dance welcomes prospective students!View Photos

The Denison University Department of Dance Welcomes Prospective Students!

Letter from the Chair
Dear Prospective Student:
Welcome to Dance at Denison! I'm sure we each have a conception of what dance is to us. We have seen it in family units, at rituals, celebrations and parties, or in studios and on stages. It is equally likely you have been exposed primarily to the ritual, the art, or the entertainment of dancing and not to the interrogation of the dance practices themselves. Consequently, we know you are a special student in that you are following an interest not readily identified as an academic course of study nor easily regarded in academic environments. At Denison, we encourage you to approach the place of dance as a creative forum, a cultural event, a somatic science, and an analytical methodology.
Your college search has no doubt revealed the rarity of finding an independent dance department in a small liberal arts college with the academic strengths Denison boasts. Having recently celebrated our 40th year as an independent major, our department is one of the oldest majors in any private liberal arts institution. Your curiosity and our longevity is a powerful combination for achieving great things in student and faculty collaboration.
The development of active agents of creativity and scholarship through movement practices and dance studies is the focus and strength of our department. Here you will join a small group of dedicated students who combine their passion for dance/dancing with their interests in English Literature, Economics, Psychology or Communication, for example. You will have the opportunity to interact personally with gifted faculty members and talented and nationally visible guest artists, perform consistently throughout your college career, experience leadership and responsibility, shape the direction of the department's guest artist roster and activities, and create community and networks among your peers and Denison alums.
We have designed our major to cross multiple dance disciplines and to provide a solid and broad base of intellectual and experiential expertise in dance.
As a dance major, you will be encouraged to discover your individual talents and interests and to expand these through advanced, independent study of dance, manifested in a Senior Research project. 
Browse through our website for information about our faculty, our students, our facilities, our guest artists, and our curriculum. We invite you to visit us in person. We encourage you take a couple of classes–not just in technique but also in theory–so that you can meet those who will become your fellow classmates and upper class-persons. You will find a rewarding, rich, and useful experience in dance at Denison!
Gill Wright Miller, PhD
Chair of Dance

If you are planning a trip to Denison, please call or e-mail ahead so we can help you get the most from your visit; contact Susan Kosling

Students interested in dance should plan to spend some time in the Doane Dance Building. We can customize your visit based on your interests and dance level. Your visit to us could include:

  • Meetings with faculty, dance fellows, dance majors and students
  • Participation in and/or observation of classes and rehearsals (bring comfortable dance clothing)
  • A building tour, or attendance at a dance concert, guest artist's master class or other special event (see dates on Performance tab, but not all events are listed so be sure to contact us before you visit)

We look forward to meeting you and your family. Give us a call and come visit!

  • 110Ballet Jump
  • 210A Ke Haa La Puna
  • 310Diana Lunge
  • 410Sarah and Eleni
  • 510Three Bowing
  • 610Tricia Layout
  • 710Dance Performance
  • 810Dance Performance
  • 910Dance Performance
  • 1010Dance Performance

The Denison University Department of Dance welcomes prospective students!