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Student Fellows

Dance students

Each spring, the dance department faculty and students elect rising seniors and juniors from among all majors and minors to serve as Department Fellows for the following academic year. This honor is bestowed on students and brings with it several responsibilities. The faculty depends on these four students to act as “hosts” or special contacts when we have guest artists, to participate in the selection of incoming faculty, and to bring student desires and issues to the table. Junior Fellows also take on the (fun) task of organizing and executing the Senior Banquet. Additionally, other responsibilities are assigned according to the interests and talents of the students elected. These students are also listed as “tutors,” a list the Dean of Students puts together for additional help with coursework. We are very proud of these students. They have a variety of backgrounds and exhibit very different interests in and commitments to dance. They can help you understand that a wide range of involvement is welcomed here. Please feel free to contact any of these students with questions about coming to Denison.