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Department of Dance Facilities

Oliver guest artist

The Dance Department facilities at Denison are located in three different buildings on campus: the Doane Dance Building, the Mulberry House MIX Lab and the new Knapp Performance Lab.

Doane Dance Building

The Doane Dance Building houses two dance studios (one that converts into a fully equipped studio performance space), a costume shop, faculty offices, conference room and e-classroom, computer lab station and changing rooms for students. Each studio has a wooden, spring-loaded floor, and two are equipped with mirrors, barres and a piano. Our upper studio is 67' x 45'; the lower studio is 56' x 23'; Knapp Performance Lab measures 55'x45'. Resident Musician Terrence Karn, an accomplished percussionist and pianist, accompanies all of our technique classes and each studio houses a piano and many other musical instruments. Our studio theater is furnished with a full set of theatrical lights, professional sound system and seating for 110. Our conference room/student lounge, with comfortable seating and tables, is fitted as a smart classroom with a large flat panel screen, video playback in a variety of formats and wireless access in the entire building.

Mulberry House MIX Lab & Knapp Performance Lab

Jesse Dance student

The Mulberry Mix Lab in concert with the Knapp Performance Lab, is the center for fine arts digital technology and a shared space for the Fine Arts Division. It is outfitted with 15 high end iMacs, each fully stocked with digital software and hardware pertinent to all five Fine Arts departments. Our newest facility, the Knapp Performance Lab, which also doubles as a studio for movement practices courses, is a digital/interactive performance lab and fully equipped performance space. It houses video projectors, screens and the latest software for interactive performance work and is a shared space for all departments in the Fine Arts Division. The Knapp and Mulberry Mix Labs are designed to encourage collaboration and interdisciplinarity in the arts and on the campus.