The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement

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The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement

assisting students in applying for scholarships

The mission of Denison’s Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement is to promote intellectual dialogue and scholarly excellence on campus. The Center is committed to mentoring motivated students who wish to design and execute integrated plans of scholarship and related activities that will position them for success both in and beyond the undergraduate experience. The Center focuses on: 1) supporting students, alumni, and faculty applying for nationally-competitive grants and fellowships; 2) coordinating the Summer Scholar programs; 3) serving as a contact point and funding hub for multidisciplinary intellectual programming and academic enrichment activities on and off campus; and 4) working with other campus offices to help students explore summer, off-campus, and post-graduate scholarship opportunities.

Fellowships Advising

The Lisska Center staff assists students and alumni in identifying and applying for appropriate nationallycompetitive fellowships at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Examples of prestigious fellowships include the Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, Fulbright fellowships, Harry S. Truman Scholarship, Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship in Science and Mathematics, Morris K. Udall Scholarship in National Environmental Policy, National Science Foundation Fellowships, Boren Scholarship for International Study, DAAD (German Academic Exchange) grants, and many others. Denison is proud of the many students and alumni who have won such awards over the years.

The Lisska Center staff works with individual students and alumni to help them identify appropriate opportunities, tailor their academic and extracurricular activities, prepare their application materials, and write their application essays. We also hold group information sessions and proposal writing workshops several times a year. While some awards have a minimum GPA requirement, many do not, and we encourage all interested students to schedule an individual appointment and/or attend the information sessions. A partial listing of national and international scholarships can be found at–fellowships/opportunities-for-current-students. New scholarship listings are added on a regular basis.

In collaboration with the Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, we also sponsor information sessions and proposal writing workshops for Denison faculty members interested in applying for nationally-competitive fellowships and grants.

Summer Scholars Programs

The Lisska Center coordinates all of Denison’s Summer Scholar awards. Summer Scholar Awards fund students who wish to pursue an independent research, scholarly, or creative project overseen by a Denison faculty member.

Qualified students in all disciplines are eligible for these awards. A qualified student is one who: 1) will be returning to Denison in the fall and has registered for classes, 2) will be on an approved off-campus study program in the fall, 3) is on an approved academic leave, or 4) is on an approved leave of absence and does not have to reapply to return. Projects do not necessarily need to be in the discipline of the student’s major. Any student who does not fall into one of the above categories is not eligible.

Specific Summer Scholar Awards include: YOUNG SCHOLAR AWARDS support 10 weeks of either independent research under Denison faculty supervision or collaborative research, scholarship, or creative project with Denison faculty. First-Year students, sophomores and juniors in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (and self-designed majors) are eligible.

EARLY EXPERIENCE AWARDS support ambitious current first-year students (rising sophomores) who wish to pursue a 4 to 6 week independent research/scholarship or a creative project in any discipline under the close supervision of a Denison faculty member.

OFF-CAMPUS SUMMER SCHOLAR AWARDS support full-time independent research/scholarship or a creative project that requires all or most of the time to be spent off campus. A Denison faculty member must be the primary advisor, but a second non-Denison mentor may help supervise the project on site, as appropriate.

ANDERSON RESEARCH ASSISTANTSHIPS support 10 weeks of summer science research with a Denison faculty member in the sciences. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science, geosciences or psychology are eligible, although rising seniors are usually given highest priority.

BOWEN SUMMER SCHOLAR AWARDS fund both Young Scholars and Science Research Assistants for summer research in collaboration with or under the close supervision of Denison faculty members.

WOODYARD SCHOLAR AWARDS support either independent or collaborative research under Denison faculty supervision in the area of “Religion and Civic Responsibility.” Students from all academic disciplines are invited to apply. Normally, the faculty advisor will be a member of the Department of Religion.

PAUL R. ASHBROOK AWARD is “intended to foster and promote research and educational cooperation between faculty and student in exploring ways to promote the political and economic betterment of underprivileged Licking County persons.” The scholarship is open to any student who has engaged in community service (broadly defined, including DCA involvement, service-learning coursework, etc.).

OTHER AWARDS: Student research may also be supported by outside grants received by faculty in various departments.

BATTELLE SCIENCE INTERNSHIPS support science students in summer research, usually off campus. Recipients are chosen by science faculty.

DURF (DENISON UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION) is an independent foundation whose sole purpose is to support the research of Denison faculty members. Denison faculty members may apply for DURF funds to support a Denison student research assistant for the summer.

Inquiries about any of the summer grants may be made to the Director of the Lisska Center. Guidelines are posted on the Lisska Center page on MyDenison. The deadline for applying for Summer Scholar grants is typically in early February. Students must submit a detailed proposal (and budget, as appropriate); faculty advisors must submit a detailed letter of support.

Intellectual Programming and Academic Enrichment Activities

The Lisska Center serves as a contact point and funding hub for intellectual programming activities both on and off campus. At the request of individual faculty members and/or students, the Lisska Center will help sponsor activities such as lunches for students with visiting speakers, roundtable discussions on topics addressed by campus events, public debates by faculty or outside speakers, an “Academic Fair,” and outings to events (e.g., concerts, speakers, performances) in the greater Columbus area, etc.

The Lisska Center hosts Chowder Hours (home-cooked lunches for students, faculty, and staff featuring scholarship), Faculty Fridays (informal presentations led by faculty members with recent major publications), and other similar events. During the summer, we hold weekly informal research presentations featuring the Summer Scholars’ work; we cap off the summer with poster sessions and performances presenting highlights of the summer projects.

The LIsska Center also coordinates the Research Table program started in 2015-16. Designed to enrich intellectual life on campus, Research Tables bring together faculty members from across the college and/or other institutions to explore an interdisciplinary topic. Students in good academic standing may be invited by faculty sponsors to participate in a Research Table. Proposals are reviewed twice a year by the SRGC. The deadline for projects beginning in the fall semester is January 15. The deadline for projects beginning in the spring semester is September 15.


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