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Planning & Advising

The Dean of First-Year Students assigns each incoming student a faculty advisor who counsels the student in planning his or her academic program. Frequently, the faculty advisor will be an instructor in one of the student's courses in the first semester.
As a student's major and vocational goals become more clearly defined, it is likely that the student will wish to change to another advisor more familiar with those developing interests. Students may, with the consent of the new faculty advisor, change the officially listed advisor at any time. All changes must be reported to the Registrar's Office.
During the first year of residence, Denison urges students to begin planning their programs of study. This program should be suited to the student's particular needs, interests, life aspirations, and career plans. The various academic departments and the faculty advisor, as well as the offices of Student Development, the Center for Career Exploration & Development, and Academic Support, will assist students with the planning process.
Good educational planning, based on Denison's tradition of liberal education, should include consideration of educational objectives relating to career plans and personal developmental goals, analysis of high school and first semester Denison experiences and discoveries, course work and off-campus programs being considered, and a tentative choice of major. The student should discuss these issues with his/her faculty advisor.
Since education is an evolutionary process, Denison encourages students to explore the breadth of opportunity at Denison in their early years on campus. Modification of academic goals, vocational plans, and prospective majors is common, and students should not preclude consideration of any particular range of educational alternatives.