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Gordon Speaker, Rachel Levy speaks to DU women in Math & CS

Gordon Lecture Series
group photo Women in Math and Computer Science group

Gordon Lecture Series speaker Dr. Rachel Levy has lunch with the Women in Math and Computer Science group.

Recently, the Women in Math and Computer Science group sat down for sandwiches and coffee with Dr. Rachel Levy. She is a mathematics professor at Harvey Mudd College and this fall’s Gordon Lecture Speaker.

Dr. Levy shared her inspirational journey to her great career success today–a path full of roadblocks and discouragement but also determination and accomplishment. We also had a vibrant discussion about challenges and stigmas faced being women in STEM, and brainstormed ways to combat the skewed perspective and how to get more women involved in STEM disciplines. Dr. Levy’s blog “Grandma got STEM” aims to help eliminate the stereotype that older women do not or cannot understand technical and theoretical ideas. After two plus hours, the female students finished lunch feeling empowered by her words of advice and inspired by her life story.

Posted Date 
Monday, December 12, 2016