Programming Contest

annually on the last Saturday in February

programming contest photo

The Denison Spring Programming Contest (DSPC) is an intercollegiate event held annually on the last Saturday in February. Participants compete in teams of three or four to successfully program solutions to posed problems. Over 1000 students organized into over 300 different teams from 16 different colleges in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have competed over the years.

Dr. Todd Feil founded the DSPC in 1991 and served as its director until his retirement in 2013. Dr. Feil started the DSPC to offer opportunities for computer science students at all levels to hone their problem-solving and coding skills in a fun yet competitive environment. Problems are at all levels; some require knowledge found in beginning courses while others need algorithms found in advanced courses. Problems are deemed correct if they correctly run on test data not seen by the contestants. Unsuccessful runs are returned (with little feedback) for revision. Teams are ranked on the number of problems successfully solved.


To register a team for the next contest, send an email listing the names of (up to 4) students on the team, the number attending dinner, and the email address of a contact person to the contest director, Dr. Ashwin Lall, at lalla@denison.edu. The registration fee is $35 per team.

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